Drunken elWick - Please Light Responsibly!

Our Moonshine candle collection is made with the same high quality soy wax we use in all our candles. Their name is derived from the fact that they are poured into mason jars. They are then colored with recycled and donated crayons and scented with either pure all-natural essential oils or fragrance oils. 

Moonshine Candles: Made with Fragrance Oils
16 oz candles. Scented with fragrance oils (man-made oils)
Price: $16.00
Fragrance Oils Choices:
Moonshine Candles: Made with Essential Oils
16 oz candles. Scented with Pure Essential Oils (all natural oils, from plants, seeds and flowers)
Price: $16.00
Essential Oil Choices:
Moonshine Candles 8 oz
8 oz (half pint) soy candles.
Price: $9.00
Available in all scents. :

 Traditional moonshine (unaged corn whisky or sugar spirits) were stored in glass jars with seals to prevent evaporation). Our candle jars are intended for re-use as drinking containers, storage or even for canning. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Moonshine Drunken elWick candle: Cranberry Jam
Moonshine Drunken elWick candle: Pomegranate Cider

Moonshine Drunken elWick candle: Day Spa