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Drunken elWick: DeW candles. Beard Balm Candle
Beard Balm 

Our Beard Balm is made from a combination of specifically selected ingredients to help heal, enhance and improve skin, as well as hair, making it the perfect grooming product for those growing righteous beards and mustaches. 

Drunken elWick’s Beard Balm is hand poured into 4 oz reusable glass containers with lids. They are made with vegan, Kosher certified soy wax, organic Shea butter, organic coconut oil, jojoba oil, hemp oil, vitamin E and pure essential oils; making the perfect recipe for smooth and subtly scented skin and hair.

Original Scent. Use as a balm to condition and sculpt beard and skin.
Price: $12.00
DeW Beard Balm - Custom Scented
Use as a balm to condition and sculpt beard and skin.
Price: $12.00
Custom Scents: :
Dew Beard Balm CANDLE
Our fantastically unique Beard Balm CANDLE is designed to be used hot or cold. Unlit, use the spatula provided to scoop a small amount of wax. Work it in your palm and use it to sculpt your mustache or beard. You can also light the candle, let the wax pool, blow it out and use the melted wax as a deep conditioning, leave-in product for your skin, beard and/or mustache.
Price: $12.00
Custom Scents:

Drunken elWick. DeW Candles. Beard Balm Candle.