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Drunken elWick Logo. Reduce, reuse, recycle.
Our Wino collection is our signature product, expertly scented with pure essential oils and high-quality soy wax. Wino candles are named from the fact that they are hand poured into a recycled wine bottles.

Our Massage candles are not just candles, they are multipurpose candles… They can be used as a moisturizer for dry skin or for a warm body massage.  All ingredients were specifically chosen to enhance and promote healthy skin. Hand poured into 4 oz reusable glass containers with covers.
Beard Balm and Beast Balm Ointment are a unique blend of all natural and superior ingredients.  One specifically picked to enhance and strengthen a man’s beard and skin, the other to help heal and promote healthy skin and fur on pets.   Beast Balm’s ingredients were carefully chosen so that all ingredients are safe to ingest (in case they’re licked by our furry friends). Both are hand poured into 4 oz reusable glass containers with covers.

Moonshine candles are made with the same high quality soy wax we use in all our candles. They are colored with recycled crayons
, scented with pure essential oils or fragrance oils and poured into mason jars. These jars are intended for re-use as drinking containers, storage or even for canning.

All natural scrubs made with either raw sugar or sea salts, mixed with Organic Coconut Oil, other all natural ingredients, pure essential oils and vitamin E.  Scrubs are a wonderful way to exfoliate, soften and heal your skin.  

Drunken elWick uses 100% natural soy wax to make all our products. We do not mix or add any paraffin wax to these candles. Each one is hand poured made-to-order with 100% pure, not diluted, essential oils. Soy wax is a clean burning wax derived from the oil of soy beans. The soy wax we use is vegan and Kosher certified; unlike paraffin or bees wax; soy wax can burn over twice as long as paraffin. Our soy wax is farmed in the U.S., it is eco friendly and is completely sustainable and renewable. 

Every candle we make, we reduce, reuse, recycle as much as we possibly can. We Reduce waste by using recycled wine bottles to produce our Wino candles. We Reuse by using broken and donated crayons for our Moonshine candles. We Recycle... Anything we can't use, we recycle.
Please Light Responsibly!